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IPA Issues Comment Letter to NASAA Regarding E-Signature Initiative

By June 7, 2016No Comments

The IPA Operations Committee, along with the E-Signature Consortium, has been actively involved in addressing NASAA’s electronic signature initiative for over a year. During the Washington Fly-in in April, members of the IPA Operations Committee met directly with NASAA officials to discuss the issue. Shortly thereafter NASAA issued a request for public comment regarding its proposed statement of policy on the use of electronic offering documents and signatures.

The E-Signature Consortium recently mobilized and prepared an¬†IPA comment letter in response to NASAA’s request.

The IPA would like to thank the E-Signature Consortium, specifically Todd Lockwood, Kamal Jafarnia, Martin Hewitt, Matt Fogg, Jeff Taylor, Ken Moyle, Shawn White and Nick Horvath, along with the Operations Committee, for their extraordinary effort in pushing this initiative and writing the comment letter.

We will continue to keep you informed as this important initiative continues to move forward.

Thank you,

Anthony Chereso
President and Chief Executive Officer, Investment Program Association