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The Investment Program Association (IPA) announced today a new initiative designed to explore operational and technology solutions for the Portfolio Diversifying Investment (PDI) industry.  The IPA OpsTech Innovation Forum will bring together PDI industry stakeholders to establish new technology-based operational protocols, pursue relevant regulatory and legislative changes and collaborate with IPA member firms on operational standards.  The ultimate goal is to reduce the complexities and friction of alternative investment transactions and reporting, while at the same time enhance investor disclosure.
“As the PDI industry continues to evolve and grow, it is incumbent on all market participants to create a more seamless and efficient transaction process,” said Tony Chereso, President and CEO of the Investment Program Association.  “The IPA is excited to bring together the investment managers, custodians, clearing firms, broker-dealers and technology platforms that can drive that conversation. The IPA OpsTech Innovation Forum is an important first step not only toward operational efficiencies, but also toward strengthening investor reporting and transparency.”
While the full details of the inaugural IPA OpsTech Innovation Forum will be announced in the weeks ahead, industry participants can expect to explore the following topics:
  • Optimizing the experience between financial advisors and their clients
  • Leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver flexibility between broker-dealer and advisory platforms
  • Reducing and eliminating transaction errors
  • Strengthening investor reporting mechanisms
  • Advancing protocols that create seamless straight-through-processing
Chereso added, “We expect that this conversation, and resulting actions, will be complex and possibly take a period of years.  But the IPA is fully committed to positive outcomes that will benefit both the PDI industry and retail investors.”
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