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Washington, D.C., April 9, 2018 – The Investment Program Association announced today that the organization is changing its name to the Institute for Portfolio Alternatives (the new IPA).

“The Institute for Portfolio Alternatives stands committed to a dynamic future, where portfolio diversifying investments play an important role in the retirement income needs of everyday investors,” said Tony Chereso, President and CEO of the IPA. “Our new name is symbolic of our industry’s continued evolution and the Institute’s unwavering commitment to bringing all stakeholders together to build relationships rooted in education and advocacy to propel the industry forward.”

For more than 35 years, the IPA has championed portfolio diversification on behalf of retail investors. As the portfolio diversifying investment (PDI) industry evolves, the Institute for Portfolio Alternatives will continue to provide national leadership by bringing together key players – new and established – who are dedicated to driving innovation and transparency in the marketplace to meet investor needs and demands.

“The IPA is devoted to ensuring that all investors have access to real assets and the opportunity to effectively balance their investment portfolios,” said Chereso. “While it is a well-recognized diversification strategy for institutional portfolios, individual investors typically have limited access to alternative investment products.”

Chereso added, “The IPA’s 180+ member firms and 1,500+ individual members are committed to supporting individual investor access to a variety of asset classes with low correlation to the traded markets, and this mission will only become more important – especially as investors and their financial advisors take on responsibility for building investment portfolios that generate retirement income.”

About Institute for Portfolio Alternatives

The Institute for Portfolio Alternatives seeks to raise awareness of portfolio diversifying investment (PDI) products among stakeholders and market participants, including: investment advisers, public policymakers and the investing public. We support increased access to investment strategies with low correlation to the equity markets: lifecycle real estate investment trusts (“Lifecycle REITs”), net asset value REITs (NAV REITs), business development companies (BDCs), interval funds and direct participation programs (DPPs). Through advocacy and industry-leading education, the IPA is committed to ensuring all investors have access to real assets and the opportunity to effectively balance their investment portfolios.

Media Contact:

Haley Fry
(312) 552-1133

IPA Contact:

Matt Tramel
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