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The IPA is honored to have Resolute Capital Partners join the IPA community. Please take a few minutes to learn about their company and how they can help your business. Welcome Resolute Capital Partners!

Resolute Capital Partners

Resolute Capital Partners (RCP) is a diversified alternatives private equity firm that identifies and stringently vets capital-intensive projects in the energy, commercial real estate, technology and other sectors. By partnering with beyond-Wall Street issuers throughout the funding process, we help bring capital to worthy projects and take opportunities to market. RCP has privately raised over $230 million in its various funds since 2016. Additionally, the seasoned RCP executive team has placed more than $3 billion in institutional-grade and private securities investments.

Business Mission

Founded with the intent of offering a low-fee investment structure, RCP applies a minimal-cost investment methodology to each of its programs in which acquisition, distribution, and selling expenses are generally paid by the sponsor (with no impact to any investor’s basis), maintaining low to zero loads. Within funds, sponsor and investor profits are directly linked. Resolute Capital Partners only makes money if investors do.

For More Information:
Jim Kamradt
Director of Syndication