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The IPA is honored to have Global Investment Company join the IPA community. Please take a few minutes to learn about their company and how they can help your business. Welcome Global Investment Company!

Global Investment Company

Global Investment Company (GIC) has offered financial and business consulting services and related products since 1984. We offer services as a fiduciary investment advisor, investment manager, or consultant depending on the needs of the client. As a value-add, we also provide financial literacy education. The GIC expert team works with clients to help reach their financial goals. We offer investment advice and management with focus on social responsibility and sustainability. GIC’s socially responsible investing business model is tailored for achieving community benefit, social impact and economic development for clients.

Business Mission

At GIC, our primary focus is community benefit via investment strategies in the ESG (Environment, Social Justice and Governance) space. Though our affiliate opportunity zone investment (OZI) company, GIC intends direct triple bottom-line, long term community investments and alternative investing for investors with capital gains. OZI has been formed for the principal purpose of acquiring investments consisting of businesses and real property in low and distressed areas. OZI intends to enhance investors’ portfolios in alternative investments designed to create jobs and affordable housing for the displaced, teachers, students, seniors and veterans. OZI’s fund fulfills the criteria for COIN (California Organized Investment Network).

GIC is seeking socially responsible investors and those investors with capital gains interested in ESG, affordable housing and opportunity zone investment.

For More Information:
Cathy Jackson-Gent