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The killing of George Floyd and countless other acts of racial injustices have shed light on an uncomfortable truth that we as Americans must face head on – racism, both seen and unseen, continues to persist in this country.

The Institute for Portfolio Alternatives exists to serve its membership – and beyond that of an entire industry – regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or any background. We as an organization and extended community stand firm against racism, discrimination and any form of mistreatment based on the color of someone’s skin.

To that end, the IPA and the industry must do more to raise awareness around these issues both within our industry and our extended communities. As a starting point, the IPA will leverage the power of our expansive member network and will continue to be an active voice raising awareness around the importance of diversity and inclusion.

We will continue to prioritize our diversity and inclusion initiatives which included the repositioning of our annual WIN Conference to be a more encompassing and holistic Diversity & Inclusion event.

Additionally, we are committed to allocating necessary resources to our Diversity & Inclusion Committee which was established as a result of the IPA’s strategic structural reorganization. We remain dedicated to advancing critical initiatives championed by the Diversity & Inclusion Committee and its members.

Widespread civil unrest, coupled with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, make these times as challenging as ever. IPA commends members that have taken a stand against injustices of all kinds. As a community, we must come together to support one another, and we will emerge stronger and better positioned to advance and evolve our society, economy and industry.

Tony Chereso
President and CEO
Institute for Portfolio Alternatives