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The IPA is pleased to highlight Sound West Realty Capital as a Silver sponsor. Please take a few minutes to learn about their company and how they can help your business.

Sound West Realty Capital

Sound West Realty Capital is a full service real estate investment company and affiliate of SWG, headquartered in the greater Puget Sound Region of the Pacific Northwest U.S. with regional offices in Orange County, CA and the San Francisco Bay Area.The firm offers advisory, consulting, and private wealth management services throughout the United States for real estate holding companies, venture firms, hedge funds, and high net worth investors.

Business Mission

The mission of Sound West is to provide investors and the wealth advisory communities access to a comprehensive spectrum of the highest quality tax advantaged real estate investments with the goal of focusing on the tenets of socially responsible impact investing. Each investment program is designed to offer the highest return potential, focused on asset classes with the greatest upside of each asset class during their respective investment cycles. The hallmark of the Sound West investment philosophy is to focus on investor-centric programs with low cost structures and invest in recession resilient asset classes or strong risk mitigated models with expert management and oversight. The Sponsor believes this is the foundation on which all investment models should be predicated, whether designing programs for growth, value, income, capital preservation, or a combination thereof.

For More Information:
Greg Genovese
Principal & President