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The IPA is honored to have Strategic Capital Fund Management, LLC join the IPA community. Please take a few minutes to learn about their company and how they can help your business. Welcome Strategic Capital Fund Management, LLC!

Strategic Capital Fund Management, LLC

Strategic Capital Fund Management is dedicated to creating, managing, and distributing compelling digital infrastructure investment solutions that are characterized by cutting-edge asset classes and distinct product structures. The company is committed to providing financial professionals and their clients with investment funds that offer the potential for attractive risk adjusted returns and capital preservation. Products are offered through SC Distributors, the Dealer Manager for Strategic Capital Fund Management, which has raised nearly $5 billion in investor capital for a variety of investment offerings.

Business Mission

Digital infrastructure is a resilient market sector. Wireless telecommunications infrastructure and data centers provide us with the connectivity and data that we rely on from day to day, so much so that it’s now widely considered a 4th utility. With telecommuting, remote healthcare and distance learning highlighting the first half of 2020, digital infrastructure has been thrust into the spotlight as virtually indispensable real assets. We believe secular growth trends and emerging technologies like 5G, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and virtual reality point to a long growth runway and attractive investment opportunities in these assets for the foreseeable future.

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Jim Condon