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The Institute for Portfolio Alternatives Elects Anne-Marie Vandenberg as 2021 Chair-Elect

Vandenberg will serve alongside 2021 chair Leon Volchyok

WASHINGTON, January 12, 2021 – The Institute for Portfolio Alternatives (IPA) today announced the election of Anne-Marie Vandenberg as chair-elect for 2021. Vandenberg currently serves as president, chief operating officer and portfolio manager of DWS’s RREEF Property Trust. She will become chair of the board in January 2022 and serve alongside 2021 chair of the IPA Board of Directors and managing director at Blackstone Leon Volchyok.

“Anne-Marie’s longstanding reputation as an established industry leader with deep industry expertise will be indispensable as we look toward a broad recovery into 2021 and beyond,” said Tony Chereso, President and CEO of the IPA. “Our membership, and the industry as a whole, is fortunate to have high-caliber leadership from Anne-Marie, Leon and the entire IPA Board of Directors at the helm of our organization during a time of dynamic change and growth throughout the alternative marketplace.”

As 2021 chair-elect and 2022 chair, Vandenberg will be tasked with leading the board and guiding the strategic direction of the IPA.

“Our industry has seen tremendous growth, and despite a challenging year, we continue to experience positive outcomes for investors and are encouraged by the tailwinds as we return to a sense of normalcy in 2021,” said Volchyok. “The new year offers a new set of opportunities for the IPA community, and I look forward to advancing meaningful progress for the industry alongside Anne-Marie and my fellow board members and IPA staff.”

“I’m eager for the chance to work alongside such bright and talented individuals throughout the IPA community,” said Vandenberg. “If the pandemic highlighted one thing for certain, it’s that investors are increasingly looking for options to diversify their portfolios beyond traditional stocks and bonds, and through my role as 2021 chair-elect, I’m grateful for the opportunity to lead the IPA in paving the way for broader access to portfolio diversifying investments and expanded transparency for all stakeholders.”

About the Institute for Portfolio Alternatives

Through advocacy and industry-leading education, the Institute for Portfolio Alternatives (IPA) is committed to expanding access to real assets and creating more opportunities for retail investors to effectively balance their portfolios. The IPA seeks to raise awareness of portfolio diversifying investment (PDI) products among stakeholders and market participants, including investment advisors, public policymakers and the investing public. The organization supports increased access to investment strategies with low correlation to the equity markets: lifecycle real estate investment trusts (“Lifecycle REITs”), net asset value REITs (NAV REITs), business development companies (BDCs), interval funds and direct participation programs (DPPs). Through advocacy and industry-leading education, the IPA is committed to ensuring all investors have access to real assets and the opportunity to effectively balance their investment portfolios.