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The IPA is honored to have Eagle Point Credit Management LLC as a member. Please take a few minutes to learn about their company and how they can help your business.

Eagle Point Credit Management LLC (“Eagle Point”) is a specialist asset manager focused on income-oriented credit investments including collateralized loan obligations (“CLOs”), senior secured loans and Portfolio Debt Securities (primarily debt securities issued by credit/other funds to finance a portion of their portfolios). Eagle Point and its affiliates manage over 50 funds and accounts. As of February 2022, Eagle Point and its affiliates have $14.7 billion of assets under management. The Senior Investment Team is comprised of CLO industry specialists who have been in the market for the majority of their careers and who enjoy unique access to key market participants.

Business Mission

Eagle Point Institutional Income Fund (the “Fund”) is a non-traded closed-end fund registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940 and managed by Eagle Point Credit Management LLC. The Fund seeks to generate income by investing primarily in pools of senior secured loans called collateralized loan obligations (“CLOs”). Senior secured loans held by CLOs are typically floating rate loans to U.S. companies with a first lien position in the capital structure that are rated below investment grade. Through its investments in equity and junior debt securities of CLOs, the Fund seeks to provide diversified exposure to U.S. companies across various industries.

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