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The IPA is honored to have Capright join the IPA community. Please take a few minutes to learn about their company and how they can help your business.



Capright is an independent third-party commercial real estate valuation and advisory firm serving institutional clients. Headquartered in Chicago, we operate 10 offices throughout the US and Latin America, have a 15-year track record, and work for a majority of the largest commercial real estate platforms in the world. Our offerings include: appraisal and appraisal review, NAV calculation, daily pricing, valuation process implementation, debt mark-to-market, option and JV interest valuation, compliance review, audit assistance, litigation support, and managed services. Fully owned by its practicing partners, Capright is able to offer unbiased opinions that are free from conflicts of interest that commonly arise from services performed by other entities such as brokerage houses, accounting firms, investment banks, public companies, or those owned by outside parties.

Business Mission

In partnership with several large data platforms, Capright has pioneered industry-leading analytical tools to set higher levels of accuracy and credibility for assets requiring higher-frequency valuation compliance. Indeed, this new generation of CRE investment vehicles depends on our unique combination of proprietary technology, dedicated research, and the expertise of some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the industry.

For More Information:
Douglas J. Ticus, MAI, MRICS