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The IPA is honored to have Axxes Capital as a member. Please take a few minutes to learn about their company and how they can help your business.





Axxes Capital is an asset management firm focused on providing private market investment solutions to the financial advisor marketplace worldwide. Axxes Capital intends to provide financial advisors access to a suite of private investment vehicles specifically designed for the individual investor and managed by selected top-tier managers. Our offerings are focused on what we consider to be the most attractive private equity and credit strategies in the private investment universe.


Business Mission

Axxes Capital’s mission is to revolutionize private market investing for individual investors by empowering financial advisors to diversify their clients’ portfolios with a suite of private equity and credit investment products managed by select top tier asset managers. In partnership with our wealth advisor partners, we seek to broaden access to private investment opportunities that have historically been inaccessible to accredited investors. Axxes Capital is focused exclusively on wealth management, the financial advisor, and the clients they serve.


For More Information:
Stephanie Brown
Senior Vice President,
National Accounts Director