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The IPA is honored to have AOG Institutional Diversified Fund (AOGFX), AOG Wealth Management Advisor as a member. Please take a few minutes to learn about their company and how they can help your business.




AOG Wealth Management, founded in 2000, is the Advisor to AOG Institutional Diversified Fund (AOGFX).

AOGFX provides diversified exposure to a mix of registered investment companies and less liquid alternative/non-traditional investments through a pooled master-feeder closed-end fund structure. The fund invests in income-producing assets and assets selected for long-term capital appreciation.

Through its investments in non-publicly traded assets, AOGFX provides an opportunity for retail investors to access what is generally considered an institutional approach to investing. AOGFX currently features exposure to holdings focused in real estate, private credit, and private equity.


Business Mission

AOG Institutional Diversified Fund, (AOGFX) was built by advisors for advisors and their clients. Our philosophy is to change the way Financial Advisors allocate alternative investments by diversifying a traditional stock-bond portfolio and complimenting it with real estate, private credit, private equity, and other non-traditional investments. Our mission is to provide a streamlined process for investing in alternative investments generally limited to qualified purchasers and family offices, bringing Wall Street to Main Street.


For More Information

Frederick Baerenz
President & CEO
Local: 703-757-8020
National: 877-600-3573