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IPAConnect is the industry's most interactive private placement deal making event - where private market thought leaders came together to meet issuers, and collaborate with distribution partners and professional advisors.



1776 Wealth LLC
Accretive Wealth Management
AEI Capital Corporation
AGES Financial Services Ltd
Alternative Investment Exchange, AIX
Alexander Legacy Private Wealth Management
Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX)
Andalusian Wealth Management
AOG Wealth Management
Ares Management Corporation
Arkadios Capital
Ashford Securities, LLC
Axxes Capital LLC
Baker & McKenzie LLP
Cabot Lodge Securities, LLC
Caliber Funds
Cambridge Investment Research Inc.
Cantor Fitzgerald
Capital Square
Carter Exchange
Carter Funds
Cavria Advisors, LLC
CIM Group
CION Securities, LLC

Corporate Investments Group, Inc.
Crescent Securities
Dwyer Financial LLC
ExchangeRight Real Estate, LLC
FactRight, LLC
Four Springs Capital Markets
Four Springs TEX31 Xchange
FourStar Wealth Advisor
Gladstone Securities
Green Vista Capital , LLC
Griffin Capital Company, LLC
Green Vista Capital, LLC
Hana Solutions LLC
Hartfield Financial & Insurance Services, Inc.
High Speed Alliance
Hines Securities, Inc.
Humphreys Capital
IDB Capital
Independent Financial Group, LLC
Infinity Financial Services
Inland Private Capital Corporation

Inland Real Estate Investment Corporation
Inland Securities Corporation
Keystone National Properties
Kutak Rock LLP
Landolt Securities, Inc.
Lighthouse Life
LNH Capital Partners
LODAS Securities, LLC.
Madison International Realty
McCarthy and Goff
Mick Law P.C.
MIT Associates, LLC
Mountain Dell
NAI Legacy
Newbridge Securities
NexPoint Securities
NexPoint Storage
Nobles & Richards, Inc.
NuView Trust
Orchard Securities
Pacific Oak Capital Markets
Phoenix American Financial Services, Inc.
Pinnacle Capital Securities, LLC
Preferred Capital Securities
RCM Investments

Realized Holdings Inc.
Rep Driven Results, LLC
Robert A. Stanger & Co., Inc.
Sandy Bay Partners
Sealy & Company
Seidman Center
SFA Partners
Sigma Financial Corporation
Snyder Kearney, LLC
Thales Capital
The Bowman Law Firm, LLC
The Merchants Financial Group, Ltd.
TradeBacked Inc
Triton Pacific Securities
U.S. Energy Development Corporation
United Planners Financial Services of America
Urban Catalyst
Walton Global Holdings
Wealthforge Securities, LLC
WealthForge Technologies, LLC (Altigo)
Whitehall-Parker Securities, Inc.
William Seidman Research Institute, Arizona State University


Opening General Session: Private Market Industry Update

We were joined by industry experts as they look back on 2022 and examine the economic and private market trends firms should be prepared for in 2023.

Mike Kell
Senior Vice President, Education Strategy and Programs,

Taylor Garrett
Orchard Securities / Mountain Dell Consulting

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General Session: Private Equity Insights for 2023

As private equity becomes more ubiquitous to the retail investor, we heard from experts on what you need to know about private equity investing in 2023. What opportunities and challenges do fund managers see on the horizon? Under current market conditions, is it time to be on the offense or defense? Have liquidity needs changed how managers are investing? In this panel, we explored  how private equity firms are navigating the needs of the mass affluent and what investment thesis are they bullish on. 

Dan Wolfe

Member, Snyder Kearney, LLC

Jon Simblist
VP, iCapital Solutions,

Stephanie Conkright
First Vice President, National Accounts,
Triton Pacific Securities

Kyle Torpey
Managing Director, Head of US Investments,
Madison International Realty

Grant Markgraf
Vice President of Key Accounts,

Opening Networking Reception – Sponsored By

Kickoff and ASU Introduction by Cantor Fitzgerald

General Session: Economic and Market Forecast

As the economy grows and becomes more complex, the financial sector needs to keep pace. As we enter into 2023, we will continue to see growing economic headwinds laying out market movements that could significantly affect the investing landscape for private market alternatives. 

Dennis L. Hoffman
Professor of Economics and
Director of the Seidman Center

General Session: Regulatory Developments in the Growing Private Markets

Private market investing has been a constant theme in wealth management over recent years. This panel featuring Paul Mathews, Vice President and Director of FINRA’s Corporate Financing Department and Kimberly Flanders, Associate Director of FINRA’s Advertising Regulation Department, discussed the latest corporation finance and advertising proposals from FINRA and the SEC. We heard from industry experts and practitioners on what is happening legislatively for private offerings during this most important time for the securities industry.

Gina Gombar, 
VP, Government Affairs and Associate General Counsel, IPA

Paul Mathews
Vice President and Director of FINRA’s
Corporate Financing Department, FINRA

Kimberly Flanders
Associate Director, Advertising Regulation Department,

General Session: The Do’s and Don’ts of Private Offerings

Knowing the rules for raising capital and investing in private offerings is crucial for success and regulatory compliance.  We learned how to develop strong investment practices and comprehensive, legally sound compliance programs to make the most of working with private offerings on both the buy and sell side. With a focus on both 506(b) and 506(c), what can we garner from the legal experts who know the do’s and don’ts.

Elijah Davis
Partnership Emissary, Hybrid West, Urban Catalyst

Catherine Bowman
The Bowman Law Firm

Deborah Froling
Kutak Rock LLP

Darryl Steinhause

Sean O’Toole
1776 Wealth LLC

General Session: Advanced Tax Strategies for 2023

Income and wealth preservation have always been pillars of alternative investing. However, there are additional fund opportunities that provide tax relief and mitigation strategies for investors. This session reviewed current investment structures that focus on helping investors navigate the current tax environment and give managers an additional tool in their toolbox. 

Paul Barausky
Chief Distribution Officer, Sealy Investment Securities

Michele Kyoko Wiens
Senior Vice President, National Accounts,
Capital Square

Nick Rosenthal
Managing Director – Wealth Solutions,
Griffin Capital Company, LLC

David Johnson
Managing Partner,
Sandy Bay Partners

General Session: Straight-Through Processing and Realizing Mass Adoption

We learned how modern technology can integrate with existing service providers to create an ecosystem that enables straight-through processing for fund managers. They explored the opportunities and challenges ahead to attain the ultimate goal of mass adoption and utilization.

Steve Katcher

Senior Director,

Brad West
Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX)

Zane Doyle
Chief Strategy Officer,
Phoenix American

Michael Roman
Managing Director,


Michael Hanus
Head of Distribution,

General Session: The Art of Exchanging Properties

The IPA has a long history of supporting and fighting for the 1031 like-kind exchange market. As an advocate for this investment structure, its critical to highlight how financial advisors and investors are implementing evolving strategies around this important financial instrument, as well as 721 exchanges. With property values increasing over the last few years, many have looked at 1031s, DSTs, and 721 exchanges as viable financial planning tools. Will future changes in the real estate market affect the popularity of these important planning products?   

Drew Reynolds
Chief Investment Officer, Realized

Geoff Flahardy
Director of National Accounts,

Nati Kiferbaum
Senior Vice President, Head of Investment Product Strategy,
Inland Private Capital Corporation

Tyler Wilson
Vice President, 1031 Exchange Consultant, Ares Wealth Management Solutions LLC

Networking Reception

Due Diligence Symposium Sessions
(Broker-Dealers, RIAs, and Presenting Sponsors Only)




Strong Communities, Strong Markets 

Capital Square is a national real estate firm specializing in tax-advantaged real estate investments, including Delaware statutory trusts (DSTs) for Section 1031 exchanges, qualified opportunity zone funds, development funds and a real estate investment trust (REIT).

The firm strategically sources, acquires, manages and disposes of real estate on a turn-key basis for investors who subscribe to Capital Square’s low minimum investment offerings designed to provide greater access for more investors, portfolio diversification and the potential for superior risk-adjusted returns.

Michele Kyoko Wiens
Senior Vice President,
National Accounts

ExchangeRight’s Long-Term Solutions for Capital Preservation, Resilient Income, and Strategic Exits

We were joined by Geoff and Michele who took a deep dive into the success of ExchangeRight’s investment strategies. During the presentation, they provided insights into ExchangeRight’s stable performance despite economic volatility, the company’s strategic focus on recession-resilient real estate, and how the company has met or exceeded projected returns to investors for all of its offerings across its DST/1031 and REIT platforms since ExchangeRight’s inception.

Geoff Flahardy
Director of National Accounts

Michele Drummond
Senior Vice President-South Eastern Region

How the Current Environment is Creating Increased Opportunities for Experienced and Well-Capitalized Multifamily Developers

Tighter financial conditions are making it difficult for small and mid-sized developers to pursue new projects. Simultaneously, single-family home developers have been pushed to the sidelines as higher mortgage rates and inflation have made home affordability increasingly more challenging. As a result, the existing undersupply of housing is being exacerbated, the propensity to rent is increasing and decreased competition is causing construction cost pressures to subside.

Griffin Capital discussed how these factors, and more, are creating an increasingly compelling environment for large developers to execute on projects that we believe will benefit from an attractive balance of supply/demand.

Nick Rosenthal
Managing Director – Wealth Solutions

Mike Marohnic
Director – Acquisitions

Scott Street, CFA
SVP – Operations and
Due Diligence

NexPoint’s Highest Convictions in 2023

NexPoint’s Executive Team explored what current market trends are driving an outsized investment opportunity in single-family rental, self-storage, and the life-sciences sectors, including exclusive insights on the firm’s current and upcoming product suite.

John Good
Chief Executive Officer,
NexPoint Strorage Partners

Angela Barbera
Managing Director,
National Accounts

Micah Jordan
Senior Director,
National Accounts

Where America Eats – Operations and Real Estate

Tasty Brands II, LP is a $200 million Regulation D offering that aims to provide accredited investors access to a compelling tax-advantaged private equity investment opportunity. Tasty focuses on the consolidation within the chain restaurant industry with top national brands such as Dunkin’ and KFC. Tasty Essential Income REIT, Inc. is offering up to $100 million of its shares to accredited investors and seeks to acquire, develop, and manage a diverse portfolio of net lease chain restaurants. Tasty REIT believes that net lease properties offer several potential advantages, such as a possible inflation hedge and diversification benefits.

Stephanie Conkright
First Vice President, National Accounts,
Triton Pacific Securities