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CEO Perspective – A Fireside Chat with Kevin Shields, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Griffin Capital Company

Although much uncertainty still remains around what the post-pandemic future holds, there are a few emerging trends that are already shaping the “new normal” for the alternatives industry, and – beyond that – the U.S. as a whole.

Listen in for an immersive and thought-provoking conversation with Kevin Shields, Chairman and CEO of Griffin Capital Company, where he offered his perspective on issues that the coronavirus pandemic has brought to the forefront of everyday business operations.

This live webinar covered topics such as how Griffin Capital Company and other businesses have responded and continue to react to the needs of employees and other stakeholders, how to best manage expectations with business partners, and other office dynamics as we look to return to in-person work as we emerge from widespread lockdowns.

Further, Mr. Shields offered his perspective on some positives brought on by the pandemic, where he sees opportunities and how he is positioning his firm for the future. Beyond that, Mr. Shields discussed the importance of diversity and inclusion, actions taken by Griffin Capital Company to promote further D&I and actionable steps our industry as a whole can take to foster greater D&I overall.


Jul 16 2020


  • Kevin Shields
    Kevin Shields
    Chairman and CEO, Griffin Capital Company, LLC
  • Tony Chereso
    Tony Chereso
    President & CEO, IPA

    Tony Chereso is President and CEO of the Institute for Portfolio Alternatives and oversees all business operations. He brings an executive management track record of over 20 years to the IPA, along with a passion for excellence. Tony’s vision for the dynamic and rapidly changing PDI industry makes him a leading voice on critical legislative and regulatory issues. He has an unwavering commitment to expanding opportunities for the advancement of industry objectives. Tony has deep experience with privately offered securities and alternative asset capital markets, tax, due diligence, finance, audit and sales and marketing. Previously he was the President and CEO of FactRight, a leading third party independent due diligence and research firm. He also served as the Director of National Sales for a national real estate syndicator.

    Tony is a graduate of the DePaul University School of Commerce and attended business school at the University of Dallas. He is recognized as a distinguished instructor for the Institute of Internal Auditors.