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Direct Insights Call Series: Accredited Investor Standard and How Changes Could Impact Sponsors

In recent months the accredited investor standard has been a vibrant topic across a number of regulatory and legislative agendas. This call focuses on the potential for changes to the accredited investor standard and where those might originate.

By examining the current SEC views on accredited investor as well as recent developments on issues such as Rule 12(g) that affect accredited investors we will garner an understanding of what regulatory perspectives abound. We also look closely at potential legislative impacts to the accredited investor such as the Financial CHOICE Act.

Topics will include:

  • Current status of the accredited investor standard
  • A review of proposals regarding accredited investors
  • Potential regulatory changes
  • Examination of legislation impacting the standard
  • Opportunities for Rule 12(g) relief

  • Panelists:

    Ryan J. Kretschmer, Senior Vice President, Law | Walton International
    Larry K. Lyons, ChFC®, Sr. Vice President, Due Diligence Officer | Kalos Financial
    Nick Dolya, Managing Director & Founder | Triloma Financial Group


    Darryl Steinhause, Partner | DLA Piper, LLP


    Jul 19 2024