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Institutional Access for Retail Investors

Institutional investing models have historically been effective in their use of alternative strategies as a driver of diversification and returns. And while access to this style of investing has long been the domain of institutional clients, similar strategies are increasingly being made available to retail clients.

This call focuses on the burgeoning access of retail clients to institutional asset managers and strategies. The first evolution is simply providing clients with a solution that mimics many of the successful aspects of institutional investing. Often alongside this approach is a simultaneous introduction to institutional asset managers that are often beyond the reach of most clients.

Listen to Recording:

Explore the reasons behind this evolution and how clients can best benefit from increased access.

  • What has precipitated the expansion of institutional access within the industry?
  • What are the more noticeable differences between investing with an institutional manager and the traditional retail asset manager?
  • What advantages does a manager have in a retail environment that are constraints with institutional investors?
  • How might expansion of institutional access impact a client’s strategic asset allocation? (availability of additional asset classes?)
  • How might an institutional manager approach risk/return tradeoffs differently than traditional retail managers?
  • Discuss due diligence considerations of a program that leverages an institutional manager or accesses institutional funds.
  • Why are institutional managers developing a presence in retail?
  • How might the institutionalization of our space continue to play out?

  • Panelists:

    Julianna Ingersoll, Portfolio Manager, RREEF Property Trust (Deutsche Asset Management)
    Don MacKinnon, Portfolio Manager at Sound Point Capital Management, LP
    Daniel Wildermuth, Portfolio Manager, Wildermuth Endowment Strategy Fund
    Moderator: Scott Smith, JD, CEO and President, FactRight, LLC


    May 28 2024