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London-Listed Fund Market Opportunities for U.S. Asset Managers

The London Stock Exchange is the most venerable market in the world for publicly traded closed-end investment companies. U.S.-based managers interested in permanent capital vehicles and seeking ways to diversify their investor base are increasingly turning to London Stock Exchange. The institutional investor base in London is open to both boutique and well-established asset managers that have a demonstrated track record of success in less liquid or illiquid investment strategies.

Topics Covered

    • Why the London-listed fund market is an attractive venue for U.S. asset managers?
    • Key features and advantages of launching a fund in the London market versus the U.S.
    • Profile of successful London-listed fund concepts and strategies that attract investors.
    • Firsthand accounts of managers raising capital in the London-listed fund market.
    • The London market is dominated by sophisticated institutional investors at launch.
    • Alternative or illiquid strategies are a good fit and managers have greater flexibility in how to structure a fund than in the U.S.
    • Managers conduct test marketing in advance of the launch to get an indication of market appetite for the fund.
    • Follow-on capital raising is common shortly after the launch.


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Jun 16 2022