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Insider Insights: Managing Alternative Investment Risk in an Uncertain Market

As the industry continues to realize the full extent and economic impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak, the IPA seeks to leverage industry subject matter experts to help our members understand the unique issues your individual businesses are facing as a direct result of the current environment.

Black Swan events such as the coronavirus pandemic bring challenges to risk management, especially in our rapidly transforming market landscape. This unexpected and hard-to-predict event was not within the range of normal expectations. Nonetheless, we are forced to manage through these uncertain times regardless of the regulatory environment. Uncertainties and questions must be addressed head on, ensuring all industry participates are properly informed and the industry continues to operate with the highest level of transparency.

Listen in for an exclusive, distribution partner-only webinar where an expert lineup of presenters addressed the proactive steps IPA members can take to mitigate risks associated with continuing to offer alternative real estate investment strategies during these dynamic times. Member firms have detailed and thorough risk management procedures, but few could have contemplated the perceived and real risk associated with the global market impacts resulting from the coronavirus.

As we all navigate these uncharted waters, hear Tom Selman and Neal Sullivan offer real time, practical advice and guidance to assist the IPA community.




Apr 14 2020