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Maximizing the Efficiency Gains of E-Signature Implementation

E-Signature implementation will provide extraordinary efficiencies and usher Alternative Investment products closer to a more technologically advanced client engagement. Yet while these benefits are evident, implementation of E-signature can seem elusive to industry professionals.

This webinar focuses on the status and potential implementation of NASAA’s most recent E-signature proposal. We explore the reasons for delayed implementation as well as the practical needs of IPA members once E-signature is implemented.

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Topics include:

– A brief history of E-signature and why we’re not already using it
– The current status of E-signature
– Effective ways to continue advocating for E-signature
– Considerations for the ultimate implementation of E-signature
– Necessary advisor training
– Operational needs of broker-dealers and sponsors for implementation of E-signature

Kris Westley, Managing Director | FS Investments
Sharon Ross, VP, Client Solutions | Docupace Technologies
Martin Hewitt, Attorney at Law

Todd Lockwood, SVP, Operations and Client Services | Cole Capital


May 22 2024