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The CARES Act – Analysis, Insights and Implications for the IPA Community

The new Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act — the CARES Act — includes billions of dollars in financial relief and assistance. Since phase III of the CARES Act passed late last week, industry experts have been diligently reviewing the 880-page bill in an attempt to decipher what the IPA community needs to know about the new legislation.

At this stage it is unclear what the long-term impact of COVID-19 will be on the domestic real estate industry and future investment decisions. It is clear, however, that the pandemic will result in profound changes for our industry as investment managers are faced with a new wave of challenges. How do you effectively report? What can you do to address liquidity challenges and redemption requests in these exceptional market circumstances?

As part of the IPA’s webinar series of thought-provoking conversations on the current state of U.S. and global economics, this webinar will discuss critical details contained in the CARES Act and solutions  to assist IPA member firms meet liquidity needs during these unprecedented times. The IPA, alongside industry thought leaders, is here to help our members make sense of these challenging times by bringing you insights, guidance, expert viewpoints and the chance to discuss issues and solutions within the IPA community.

Baker McKenzie Cares Act Tax Provisions Impacting the Real Estate Industry:



Apr 09 2020


  • Daniel Cullen
    Daniel Cullen
    Partner, Baker & McKenzie

    Daniel Cullen has over 20 years of experience in tax planning for
    structured real estate transactions and related securities law matters.
    Mr. Cullen serves as a REIT columnist for the Journal of Passthrough
    Entities and is viewed as a leading professional in the taxation of REITs
    and related structures. Mr. Cullen received the Best Panel Award, for
    the presentation “An In-Depth Look at DSTs” at the 2013 ADISA Annual
    Conference. Mr. Cullen also serves as an adjunct professor at
    Northwestern University School of Law and DePaul University College
    of Law, teaching the Taxation of Structured Real Estate Transactions.

    Practice focus

    Mr. Cullen has experience in all aspects of tax planning for inbound
    and outbound real estate projects, including real estate investment
    funds, leveraged partnerships, joint ventures, Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds (QOZs) REITs and Section 1031 structures such as tenancy-in-common arrangements and Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) offerings. In addition, he handles tax matters related to lease financings of real estate, aircraft, railcars, school buses, cell towers and other telecommunications equipment, synthetic
    lease structures and the related tax aspects of derivatives and financial products.

  • Steve Schneider
    Steve Schneider
    Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP