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1031 Update: The Economic Impact of Repealing Section 1031 Like-Kind-Exchange – A Discussion with the Authors of the Recently Updated Ling-Petrova Study

An in-depth study of the US commercial real estate market highlights the critical role that Section 1031 like-kind exchanges play in stabilizing rents, safeguarding property values and strengthening our economy. Professor David C. Ling, University of Florida and Professor Milena Petrova Syracuse University detailed the implications that a repeal of Section 1031 would have on the commercial real estate industry in the United States.

In this landmark study, first completed in 2015 was recently updated, expanding on the original study which reinforces the positive influences section 1031 has on commercial real estate valuations and the broader economic impact that a repeal of Section 1031 would have by slowing economic growth, reducing GDP and ultimately hurt many small businesses.

Listen in to this engaging personal conversation with Professor Ling and Petrova as they highlighted the:

  • Local real estate benefits of a 1031 Exchange
  • The real negative impacts if section 1031 was repealed
  • Implication to the US economy
  • Common misperception



Sep 10 2020


  • David Ling
    David Ling
    McGurn Professor of Real Estate and the Director of the Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE)
  • Milena Petrova
    Milena Petrova
    Associate Professor at the Department of Finance
  • Tony Chereso
    Tony Chereso
    President & CEO, IPA

    Tony Chereso is President and CEO of the Institute for Portfolio Alternatives and oversees all business operations. He brings an executive management track record of over 20 years to the IPA, along with a passion for excellence. Tony’s vision for the dynamic and rapidly changing PDI industry makes him a leading voice on critical legislative and regulatory issues. He has an unwavering commitment to expanding opportunities for the advancement of industry objectives. Tony has deep experience with privately offered securities and alternative asset capital markets, tax, due diligence, finance, audit and sales and marketing. Previously he was the President and CEO of FactRight, a leading third party independent due diligence and research firm. He also served as the Director of National Sales for a national real estate syndicator.

    Tony is a graduate of the DePaul University School of Commerce and attended business school at the University of Dallas. He is recognized as a distinguished instructor for the Institute of Internal Auditors.