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Hidden Potential: The Institutional Consolidation of Single-Family Rental Homes

Interest in single-family rental (SFR) homes has risen in the COVID era, as more people are fleeing urban areas for more spacious suburban settings. Even prior to 2020, this sector benefits from a variety of demographic and economic trends. The disruption caused by the pandemic changed how people work and learn making this sector a largely untapped asset class for investors.

As top asset managers are revisiting a successful strategy that emerged from the last financial crisis, investing in single-family homes to rent has increased in popularity. Institutional asset managers expect this sector to mature into an income-generating asset class strategy similar to apartments. Hear as leading asset managers discussed the following:

  • What is driving the bullish sentiment and investor interest in SFR, is this just a Covid story that could fade post-vaccines?
  • The SFR market has two major tenant types. What are the pros and cons of each?
  • What could go wrong in the SFR space to shift or change the bullish opinions dominating the market?
  • A comparison of sectors:  SFR vs Multifamily



Mar 18 2021